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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to some common questions that we get asked for your convenience.
What species do you run mouldings in?
We either inventory or can source most species typically used. In the event we can't source the material, we typically can offer alternatives.
Do you offer primed mouldings?
Our Classic Collection offers primed MDF profiles in stock. We can prime any material up to 12" wide on a custom order.
Do you deliver once my order is complete?
Our fleet of curtain side trucks deliver daily all over most of Texas, contact us to see if you are in our standard delivery area.
Can you provide Arch or Curved products?
Our custom shop produces arch and curved profile to meet your specifications. Either by matching a drawing or a template.
Why are the set up fees higher on smaller orders?
There is a fixed cost with every machine set up, when an order is larger the cost spread over each lineal foot is minimal. However on a small order that fixed cost is more visable.
What is a Pre Authorization on my order?
If you do not have a credit account with us, our policy on custom orders it to Pre Authorize a credit card for 110% of the order amount. This is not a charge, but it will put a hold on the funds. Once we ship the order the actual amount will be charged. The extra 10% is held in line with the industry standard of allowable overage on an order of up to 10%. Typcially the amount over will not be the full 10%.
What is the standard lead time?
Our lead times are based on the current order file. Typically our lead times will vary from 5 to 10 working days. Your sales rep will provide you with an estimated lead time on your quote.
Can I get my order expedited?
We understand that there are times when an order is needed faster then our typical lead time. If you need an order faster, please talk to your sales rep and the standard rush fees will be included on your quote. We have to charge the extra fees our of respect to our other customers. A rush order typically will require overtime to complete so as to not cause other orders to become late.